Mission and Vision

Mission: what we stand for as a GP practice

The past 10 years have seen many changes in healthcare. The care provided by GPs has remainedan important fundamental service provision. GPs are and will remain the hub in primary healthcare. Inthe last few years, the tasks assigned to GPs have even increased in number. This is apparent from the growth in our team.
We are striving to provide care in an environment that the patient feels comfortable in. Trust is an essential precondition for a good doctor-patient relationship. So we strive for an open and accessible communication. Our principle is that the patient comes first and care is provided nearby as far aspossible. To safeguard the personal character of every consultation, each patient is looked after by a familiar team of no more than two GPs: their own GP and a permanent'deputy'GP. Together we form one team: the patient, the medical centre and other care providers outside the GP practice as needed.In the practice we work closely together as a team, each member with his or her own role.

Our certified assistants can provide self-care advice in consultation with the patient. They are competent and trained to do so. Their competence is maintained through regular refresher training. All contacts are authorised by the GP.

There are specially trained somatic nurse practitioners working in the MCRH. They support the GP with treating patients with a chronic physical condition. In most cases this is diabetes, asthma, COPD
(bronchitis and emphysema) or a cardiovascular disease.

There is also a trained nurse practitioner Mental Health Care in the Medisch Centrum Roelof Hart who supports patients with psychological problems.

We work as far as possible according to the nationally accepted guidelines and protocols. We continuously and systematically strive to improve the quality of our care, under the supervision of the
Dutch College of General Practitioners. Every three years we are tested to ensure that we still comply with the most recent quality requirements as specified by the College.

We also feel it is important to participate in scientific research and contribute to the training of doctors and GPs, and we provide internships for trainee doctor’s assistants. Especially now that a shortage of personnel is becoming an increasingly bigger problem for healthcare.

Vision (what our mission is)

Medisch Centrum Roelof Hart wants to be a learning organisation offering the highest achievable level of responsible care for its patients.