National Exchange Point

Good, safe and prompt healthcare – that is something we all want and need. Whether we are chronically ill or going to an after-hours health centre after an accident. Good, safe and prompt healthcare starts with information - information about our current state of health. But not all healthcare providers know about your current condition(s) or previous medical problems. Fortunately, they can share important data about our health with other healthcare providers through the National Exchange Point (LSP). But only when necessary. And only if we have given prior permission for the exchange of medical data.

On ‘Volgjezorg’ you can arrange your permission for your GP, pharmacies, and your health centre. That way they can help other healthcare providers by sharing your medical data. And you can get the best possible, safest, and quickest treatment.

On 'Volgjezorg' you can also track what happens to your medical data. See what types of data were shared (with your permission). Which healthcare provider(s) accessed those data, and when. That means that you always know what happens to your medical information.

National Exchange Point: Arrange Permission, view data, set notifications and more...